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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Split nightlife

If you are intersted in nightlife after enjoying sun, beach and coffee these are some clubs/bars that you can go to, I'll mention the popular ones, although everyone have its own taste I'll write some of these.. :)

Tropic: the round building which you can see from the beach. The place is relative small and has no outside area, so expect the place to be full from around midnight.
Entrance fee: AFAIK, there is no entrance fee.

Bačvice bar: If you spend a day on the Bačvice beach you might notice the buildings on the left side of the beach, in the evening this place turns in to a party “mile”, one of the most popular places, especially among the younger audience, is the Club Bačvice, here you have techno beats and cave dancers to speed up the party.
Entrance fee: Normally no fee.

Hemingway Split: Is the Split branch of the Hemingway clubs, which also can be found in Zagreb, Opatija and Rijeka, the place is the most exclusive club you can find in Split, the outside area, which is directly at the water, was complete renovated a few years ago and now include outside VIP lounges and the longest bar in Split. During summer month you have international artists (bands and Dj’s) on the program several times a week.
Entrance fee: if there is live music you will have to pay around 30 - 50 kuna

O'Hara: If you like Rock music, you would have to go to O’hara the place is situated in the second bay of Bačvice, it would take you about 15-20 min. to walk there, taxi is around 40 kuna from the Riva. In the summer you have live bands and DJ’s playing.
Entrance fee: 10 kuna on normal nights, but if there is live music you will have to pay 20 - 40 kuna.

Vanilla Club: Is situated behind the Poljud Stadium which is a 20 minutes walk or 5 minutes drive in a taxi from the old town, Vanilla is a popular place, which is often packed during the summer month, but do to the large terrace you can always find a corner where you can enjoy a cocktail. Live music acts, mostly by local artist, several times a week.
Entrance fee: if there is live music you will have to pay around 30 - 50 kuna

And for the end of post these are some prices for this type of clubs:

Beer draft ½ L (local brand)15-20 kuna (2 - 2.5 )
Beer 0.33 bottle (int. brand)20 kuna (2.5 )
Coke12 – 15 kuna (1.5 - 2)
Red bull and vodka25-30 kuna (3 - 4)
Long drink (e.g. Rom and coke)15-25 kuna (2- 3)

If you want to see a pictures of these clubs, just type in name of the clubs and you will see it. If you need some informations about nightlife in Split or anything else, please leave a comment and I'll answer you when I see the comment. Have a great day and enjoy your stay in Split. :)
30-45 kuna (4 - 6)