Monday, March 11, 2013

Best ways to get to Split vol. 2

So here comes the rest of ways on: How to get in Split .. ;)


If you are coming to Split via train you will use "HŽ Putnički prijevoz" apropos Croatian railways. This is a homepage of Croatian railways: Here you can find all the information you may need or you can call them on the number: 060 333 444 (price of call is 0.31€/min if you are calling from your mobile phone and 0.18 €/min from fix line). Also, for all information you may need, you can send them an e-mail on this address:, I hope they will answer you in a short time. Some people (like students, group of people, disabled persins etc.) may have benefits, you can read it in this category: If you are coming by train from other country by international railways you may also have some benefits. ;)


Maybe you decided to come in Split by car. Than I think the best idea is to have a map of Croatian roads, and this is by far the best road map of Croatia if you ask me:, because you can include gas stations, ATM, markets, whatever you need. And also here are some prices of gas in Croatia (note: it may vary from time to time):

INA Eurosuper BS 9510.78-0.01-0.09%00:01
INA Eurosuper BS 95 Class        10.82-0.01-0.09%00:01
INA Eurosuper BS 9811.17-0.01-0.09%00:01
INA Eurodizel BS9.89-0.07-0.70%00:01
INA Eurodizel BS Class9.93-0.06-0.60%00:01
INA Eurodizel BS Plavi6.66-0.07-1.04%00:01
INA Dizel Plavi6.28-0.14-2.18%00:01
Loživo ulje EURO7.04-0.15-2.09%00:01
INA Autoplin (LPG)5.43+0.15+2.84%00:01

Bike, foot etc.

You can come to Split on hundred different ways so I ain't gonna describe everyone of this, choice is made for you my friend. :D Just to say, you will probably need a road map. I hope I helped you, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. :)


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