Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fast course of Croatian language

I think it's really nice if you come in some other country, to know a little bit of native language of that country. So the main goal of this post is that you learn some Croatian sentences that you will probably need if you want to ask somebody for some bar, market, statue, etc. So lets start .. :) 

Dobro jutro!    --> (meaning)    Good morning!

Dobar dan!       -->         Good day!        

Dobra večer!     -->         Good evening!

Kako si?           -->          How are you?

Ja se zovem Mate. -->     My name  is Mate.

Hvala!                -->        Thank you!

Bok!                  -->        Bye!

Dobar tek.          -->      Bon apettit! :)

Gdje se nalazi Dioklecijanova palača? --> Where can I find Diocletian's palace?

Gdje se nalazi Riva?   -->  Where can I find Riva? etc.

Cura.            -->              Girlfriend.

Dečko.          -->              Boyfriend.

So these are some of the sentences/words yoe will probably need while you are in Croatia, if you want to know more, please leave a comment and I'll answer you ASAP. ;)


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