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Monday, March 11, 2013

Best ways to get to Split vol. 2

So here comes the rest of ways on: How to get in Split .. ;)


If you are coming to Split via train you will use "HŽ Putnički prijevoz" apropos Croatian railways. This is a homepage of Croatian railways: Here you can find all the information you may need or you can call them on the number: 060 333 444 (price of call is 0.31€/min if you are calling from your mobile phone and 0.18 €/min from fix line). Also, for all information you may need, you can send them an e-mail on this address:, I hope they will answer you in a short time. Some people (like students, group of people, disabled persins etc.) may have benefits, you can read it in this category: If you are coming by train from other country by international railways you may also have some benefits. ;)


Maybe you decided to come in Split by car. Than I think the best idea is to have a map of Croatian roads, and this is by far the best road map of Croatia if you ask me:, because you can include gas stations, ATM, markets, whatever you need. And also here are some prices of gas in Croatia (note: it may vary from time to time):

INA Eurosuper BS 9510.78-0.01-0.09%00:01
INA Eurosuper BS 95 Class        10.82-0.01-0.09%00:01
INA Eurosuper BS 9811.17-0.01-0.09%00:01
INA Eurodizel BS9.89-0.07-0.70%00:01
INA Eurodizel BS Class9.93-0.06-0.60%00:01
INA Eurodizel BS Plavi6.66-0.07-1.04%00:01
INA Dizel Plavi6.28-0.14-2.18%00:01
Loživo ulje EURO7.04-0.15-2.09%00:01
INA Autoplin (LPG)5.43+0.15+2.84%00:01

Bike, foot etc.

You can come to Split on hundred different ways so I ain't gonna describe everyone of this, choice is made for you my friend. :D Just to say, you will probably need a road map. I hope I helped you, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. :)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Best ways to get to Split

There are several ways to come in Split. For example, you can come by airplane, bus, train, car etc. I'm going to write a basic description on this theme. Se lets start .. :)


Split airport
First of all, this is a link of "Split" airport: .Here you can find useful information about airport, flights, check-in, parking, lost baggage and all the stuff that you may need.  The full address of  "Split" airport is: "Cesta dr. Franje Tuđmana 1270, 21217 Kaštel Štafilić, Hrvatska"Split Airport is located at the very exit from the town of Kaštela, towards Trogir. It is at 20 km distance from Split, and at 6 km from Trogir.

Direct Bus Line
Transfer of passengers to/from Split is organised in cooperation with PLESO PRIJEVOZ firm.

Public Transport

Close to Split Airport there is a bus stop of lines No. 37 (Split – Trogir; Trogir – Split) and No. 38 (Split Airport – Kastel Stari – Split; Split – Kastel Stari – Split Airport).



Taxi is available during Split Airport operating hours.

Telephone: ++385 (0)21 895 237

Ferry / Taxi Boat

Passengers from the islands may come to Split or Trogir by ferries or taxi boats.


If you are coming by bus here are several links to main pages of Croatian bus stations like Zagreb, Rijeka, Dubrovnik etc. Also, don't forget that you can view this pages in English.

Homepage of bus sation in Zagreb: